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Safety in operations, materials, men and the environment shall be vigorously pursued by the management, supervisors and all employees in all undertakings. Management accepts totally its legal, human, and societal obligations as conferred on it, as an employer of labour. Every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard all who work for, and by us, including third parties; who may not be immediately connected with our operations. Our obligations shall not be hampered by cost considerations for we believe that the only way to efficient operations is through safe operations.

All supervisory cadre shall be accountable for the safety behavior of staff under their charge. Positive attitudes to safety shall be rewarded while repeated negative inclinations shall be frowned upon and consciously discourage. Training of subordinate staff shall be the duty of supervisors while management will give the necessary back up for effective leverage.

It shall be the duty of all employees to positively influence the safety behaviors of their colleagues. In this regard every one of use owes it as a duty to ensure that safety and health of all is not jeopardized through acts of omission or commission.

Physical infrastructures necessary for employees personal protection shall be provided for use as required. Only persons who are certified swimmers shall be deployed to water borne operations. All should put this view point to firm practice because our measure of effectiveness shall be hinged on our safety performance henceforth.

Your co-operation is required to bring this policy to fruition. It shall be reviewed from time to time to ensure currency.